Entelec’s in-depth training programs include extensive hands-on time with the Sky-Walker Integration Platform. They are designed to give attendees the necessary knowledge to manage, configure and operate the product.

The complete Sky-Walker Technical Product Training catalogue consists of three different certifications:

1) Sky-Walker Certified Operator

This hands-on training takes place in one day in either a large or small focus group. Operators learn how to operate our Open Integration Platform Sky-Walker in an interactive way.

2) Sky-Walker Certified Configurator

This semi in-depth training is spread over two days. Attendees learn how to operate and configure Sky-Walker. Installation will still be carried out by our own project engineers. 

3) Sky-Walker Certified Administrator

This is our most comprehensive training. Over three days, attendees learn how to operate and configure Sky-Walker, and are trained in the architecture and installation of the general Sky-Walker set-up.

It is also possible to take technical-commercial, project-specific and follow-up training. After every technical training course, the participant will be evaluated and will receive an official certification if evaluated positively.

For more information about training possibilities and dates, please contact us.