Entelec gives you access to in-depth knowledge based on multiple successful deployments in every possible sector over more than 25 years. When you choose to work with Entelec, an entire team of engineers is at your disposal to help you reach the best possible design and build based on your requirements.

Our highly skilled project and software engineers provide a complete solution for your needs. The two main goals are:

  • Optimization of the GUI (Graphical User Interface): how you want to visualize our Open Integration Platform Sky-Walker
  • Optimization of the functionality: how you want Sky-Walker to work.

Our project and software engineers will work closely with you for all relevant tasks, including:

  • Digitalization of building plans
  • Digitalization of multi-sites (floors, buildings, cities, provinces, countries etc.)
  • Connection and visualization of objects in an intuitive way
  • Configuration
  • Brainstorming with the customer and suggesting innovative solutions to their challenges via close collaboration from first contact
  • Implementation of procedures and work flows (alarm handling, automatic and manual work flows etc.)