Ideal for three domains

Buildings are equipped with many diverse technologies, usually from different manufacturers. Managing all these technologies using the specific management tools of the separate systems can be very complex and time-consuming.

Hexagons and the subsystems

Our Sky-Walker Open Integration Platform provides one solution for the control and management of all separate systems and technologies, within buildings or at multiple sites. Most of these systems can be grouped in three main domains:


Safety Management Icon     SAFETY MANAGEMENT

Safety Management systems are designed to manage safety elements in the workplace. Thanks to its open integration structure, Sky-Walker connects with, and integrates any type of safety management system such as public address, alarm messaging, evacuation systems, fire and hazard detection, etc. under one open, powerful and intuitive user interface.


Security Management Icon     SECURITY MANAGEMENT

Security Management relates to the physical safety of buildings, people and assets, as well as to the protection of information, network and telecommunication systems. Traditionally, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software provides a platform to integrate multiple security subsystems and devices, which it controls through one Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Comfort Management Icon     COMFORT MANAGEMENT

Building Management typically relates to applications that control access, lifts and escalators in buildings, as well as HVAC, lighting, energy consumption, etc. Under Sky-Walker’s open integration platform all these independently operating subsystems can be controlled from one user-friendly, intuitive user interface.

Control Room With Sky Walker Mockup