Groundbreaking modules

Sky-Walker Building Management IP Matrix      IP MATRIX

With the Sky-Walker IP Matrix module you can connect various CCTV systems such as IP cameras, DVRs and NVR systems into one clear video matrix. All cameras can be linked with fire detectors, sensors, and intrusion detectors to give you a better view of when an event occurs. Functions such as PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), live view, layouts, salvos & sequences, and playback recordings are all implemented.

Using the IP Matrix, you can display and control CCTV content and graphical screens on monitors and video walls. For example, you can call up live images on the screen, switch live streams with a simple drag & drop, take snapshots of a live image, replay recorded images, change the video matrix layout, play sequences or salvos of camera images, and use the PTZ function (pan-tilt-zoom). The IP video integrated solution of Sky-Walker integrates cameras from every brand or manufacturer.


  • Better decision making
  • Extra set of eyes
  • Cost saving
  • Only one client required
  • Better alarm handling

 Sky-Walker IP Matrix CCTV Video Wall Imaging Camera Systems Software PSIM


Sky-Walker Web Client Mobile Units Tablet PSIM Building Management     WEB CLIENT

The operator who handles an incoming alarm is often also responsible for checking out the possible dangerous or stressful situation. In the past, the operator would have had to leave the desk and thus the Sky-Walker client. Now, the operator has access to the handy Web Client when on the move. When a new alarm occurs, which has a higher priority than the existing alarm, the operator knows immediately which alarm occurs and where it takes place, thus increasing the operator’s adaptivity and responsiveness.


  • Accessible anywhere
  • Adaptivity
  • Simplified system testing
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Increased monitoring capabilities

 Sky-Walker Web Client Tablet Mobile Units Display Real-Time


Sky-Walker GIS Integration Icon     GIS INTEGRATION

Sky-Walker visualizes mobile units and alarms in a highly intuitive way using the GIS integration module developed by our in-house development team. In crisis situations, the life of an operator is often very stressful and demanding. GIS helps the operator make better and faster decisions when faced with multiple tasks.


  • Helicopter view of incident
  • Completely customizable
  • Better and faster decision-making
  • Intuitive alarm handling
  • Improved situational awareness

Sky-Walker GIS Mobile Unites Google Integration Software Positions


Sky-Walker Workflow Manager     WORKFLOW MANAGER

The Sky-Walker workflow manager enables the operator to handle alarms and incidents in the most intuitive way possible. These workflows are configured in advance, following the wishes of the customer. The main advantage of this is that when the workflow requires changes or adaptations, this can easily be configured in the Sky-Walker configuration client.

Each workflow can be configured specifically for the custom’s needs. Change the colors, fonts, setup, filters and other look-and-feel features to your wishes. Changes and adaptations can be made easily afterwards. This makes the Sky-Walker workflow manager a very flexible tool.

In alarm handling, innovation is key. The alarm form is a brand new Sky-Walker addition, part of the workflow, in which the operator has to fill in all the information regarding a certain alarm or event. The alarm provides all the instructions needed as well, in order to optimize the alarm handling workflow to a whole new level.

Sky-Walker Workflow Manager