Paxton Open Doors Tour

20 Feb 2018

Paxton and Sky-Walker open doors tour 2018

In the months of April and May, Paxton will hold their annual open doors tour of 2018. At various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium they will present their latest products in the area of access control and door intercom.

This year, Entelec will go along and will explain everything about our Open Integration Platform Sky-Walker. We will present the solutions Sky-Walker and Paxton can provide regarding your security management needs. You will be amazed by the extensive integration with the Net2 access control system.

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What to expect?
Make Paxton’s Net2 access control a security management system

Our vendor independent, open integration platform Sky-walker is capable of integrating a wide range of technologies in the field of Security, Safety and Building Management (for more information, visit the Sky-Walker webpage). All underlying systems and processes are integrated in Sky-Walker, providing mutual interactions and openness between the systems, which is the main added value of our platform.

During the open door tour, Entelec will give a presentation on the possibilities of the Sky-Walker open integration platform, you will be amazed at the far-reaching integration with the Net2 access control system.

Sky-Walker Video Room with Operator and GUI's


Other topics
  • New Net2 Entry Premium monitor
  • New Net2 smartphone apps 
  • New generation of Paxton door fittings
  • New webbased presence tool

For the comprehensive description of the topics below, and the full agenda of each event, please visit the Paxton webpage.


Free goodie bag

When participating in the Paxton open doors tour you will receive the Paxton Goodie bag with useful information, free of charge.

What's in it?

  • New Paxton 2018 catalog
  • Exclusive PremiumTouch monitor flyer
  • Paxton writing pad with pen
  • Paxton Lanyard
  • Documentation from Sky-Walker
  • Official Entelec USB stick with useful information
  • Exclusive Paxton install tool headlamp


Event calendar 

Paxton and Sky-Walker open doors tour 2018 Event Calendar


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